Pushing to go out

Today I’d like to share the story behind this photo.

It was the last weekend in Italy before moving back to China and it was raining not heavy but continuously. I was lying in the sofa quite boring thinking at the lost chance to get out and take some photos. I did not want to miss the last chance, it was September and I was sure there was already places where the magnificent color of the autumn was ready to be captured. I forced my mind to look into the memory for potential places. After a while mentally scanning various locations cation, a possible place to go out came to my mind. The backpack was ready and waiting for action. I drove the car there and start to walk looking for the place, the color was as expected and the grey sky could help to emphasise them. When arrived it was already late afternoon, so perfect time to put tripod and camera in place. Few shots in different areas before the dark came. Anyway I was satisfied about the day and for sure better than watching television.
Post process took quite some time, I worked with layers to highlight colors in some area but avoiding to have the photo looking unnatural or too flat.
By the way this is one of mine highest rated photo in 500pix, not that this is very important, but it confirm once again that pushing yourself to go out, even when weather is not good and motivation are not very high, can give you a chance to shoot a good photo.
In the other side if you do not get anything worth to show, at least you can train your photographer mind and know better a location, this can be the starting point for a new blog.