Print a photo

I finally got the first wide print, 40×30 cm, and I am happy about the result. It was not easy to get there, as I am leaving in a foreign country where English is not the first language. The city is Shenzhen in south of China.

At the beginning, 3 months ago, I had two options in the table, buy a printer and all stuff needed or look for a local printer. The first choice looked very complicated for me, buy a printer it is the easy part but have a proper paper supplier and go through the process, it will take time. Something I do not have now, the new job is keeping me very busy.
I start to scout the neighbourhood for a decent print service, made many samples here and there. Google in internet was not a solution as most of the website are in Chinese. I end up with two decent result in a small format, 5R. To make a long story short, the first big format print was not as expected, some final discussion and process adjustment and now … I am to the point. Prints are in my home desk, waiting for the right frame and the place to hang them up. Easy part …
My first reaction is of satisfaction, not because of the trouble above to get there, but because I have a completely different feeling now about my hobby.
I am not sure if I can find the right words to explain it, touching the print is completely different than look to them at the screen, table or whatever. You should try it to understand.
Probably I am an old style guy, I started when teenager to use films and print them in the dark room. They look to me alive, something you can touch and see every moment in front of you.
They are a part of my life now even more, friends, colleagues, guest will soon see them hanged in my home and office. They are not anymore hidden in a website or computer, they are there and everybody can see them easily. If they like it or not is different, I will listen to their comments and see how to improve for the future. Anyway my taste is what matter the most and I will show them only if I am fully satisfied.


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