Shooting around Shenzhen

Few weeks ago I shared the intention to focus on something different than landscape to have more chances to take photo even when I am not travelling. After more than one month from that decision, I’d like to share one of my photos and some additional impression.


This photo was taken three weeks ago in one of the most crowded area of Shenzhen, Dongmen.
I am enjoying these new opportunities to stay out and do what I like. I am leaving in the city for almost 10 years but I knew very few places around it. Now I am choosing a different place to visit every Sunday. Sometimes I plan it in advance as there is something interesting there, an exhibition, a new market or any other events. If not, I just pick a place I have never been before. There is always something interesting to shoot or to plan for the next time.The city is changing very quickly and it is a good motivation to recording them.
Usually I am there quite early in the morning, I feel at that time I can find something different to see than usual. I walk around for a while looking for a peculiar situation, at the same time I scout for interesting background. It can be a starting point for a good photo. I seat there and I wait for something to happen. If I am not lucky, I keep the place in my mind and I move around again and come back later or in the near future.
Most important I am focusing more in the technique and all the aspect related to the photos. Every time I learn something new or I apply something I read in the past and for a while my mind is completely involved in the photography. It is very relaxing and it gives me chances to practice one of my favourite hobbies.
Keep on doing it frequently is helping to have my mind focused on it and having a photographic starting point higher every time. It is not like start from scratch but slowly something is kept in my mind and it gets natural / automatic. Thanks to this, I can focus more in the situation and subject than in the technical mode.


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