HDR or not?

Some of you will think, “please not again, another discussion about HDR”. I do not want to enter in this discussion saying that it is good or bad, you should do or not. I feel it is a pure personal choice and taste.

Someone feel it is needed to have a very wide dynamic range, I believe Teo Ratcliff and his photos are one of the most interesting expression of this technique.
In the last days I came across an interesting article from Bruce Percy discussing about “low dynamic range”. I consider his work astonishing even more considering it is made through film and not digital process.
Both photographers are sharing interesting photos with completely different techniques, I suggest to have a look to their own websites.
The result of these photographers are showing up from the mass with completely different technique and equipments.
I do not know them personally, but thinking about what I read following them, I have the impression they are enjoying their work. They have great pleasure from their result and firstly is pleasing them self. This is the highest motivation to push you over the mass of photographers and let you be a leader in what you are doing.
Express yourself through your photo or any other form of art is the easiest way to find your style and be consistent in your work. The satisfaction on doing it is coming from the your profound soul and cannot be changed that easily to place others.
I do not have a consistent post processing method, it varies a lot from what I am shooting, landscape, street photography, people and what is my feeling what I took the shot.
I am trying different technique to know them and apply in the most appropriate way. I believe if you do not experiment you will slowly regress and have a static portfolio not pleasing yourself. Looking at it as a journey, it could never be a static one, it requires to move out of your comfort zone and get into something completely or partially new.

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