Sharing, post and criticism

Let’s look at a different side of motivation. Many people will find important to have a high feedback from internet communities, our ego has to fed up and keep it alive.
I feel many people are focusing on this and I do not feel this should be the target for our passion, taking photos.

I am doing it to please myself first of all, this is the most important target. I am doing it because I like and I taking the photo base on my personal taste. I am doing it has an hobby, it is very important I am finidng joy on it and when I look to my portfolio or albums I feel well and proud.
Doing this in the hope to have a high score rate in this or that social network, it is not expressing the artist leaving inside us, it is just please someone that probably we do not know either and I see it has a journey without an end. Taste of the viewer will change and we are not expressing our style but just following them.
Anyway sharing and posting is good for having some honest feedback from people we know well and we like their work. This is going to be extremely helpful, it can give us a counterpart for our photos and see if our purpose to take it can be catch and highlight by different eye. It can motivate us to express ourself better and learn from what other people see. I am still looking for this kind of feedback from websites, I keep on doing my trial and error. A mentor is what all of us need to grow in their life, job and passions. I was lucky to find more than one but I am lacking it in photography.
My judgement on my photos is limited by various factor but it is anyway the most important. I like what I post and it should get the best score, if not let’s hope to catch a higher audience next time. I do not stop to share because the score is not high, I keep on doing it and try to understand how to improve it. Without an honest feedback, “like” “good” is not what I need, it is not always clear what work and what does not.
Critique is good as long as it makes you think and grow, not when it gives you many likes and put you on the top of the scoreboard for few hours.


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