finding motivation and inspiration

I feel motivation and inspiration are well connected, at least this happen to me.

I am not a professional photographer, it is my passion since I was a child. Now I am leaving out of my country, this is my favourite hobby and it helps me to release pressure from the daily job. I am taking them most for my pleasure and to show to friend and followers in internet. The leading motivation is my pleasure and my taste.  In the past I had many chances to travel around, both for work and pleasure, and take photos or scout location. Now, with a new job, those opportunities are diminished a lot. In the last few months, I was struggling to take some photos, because of lack of opportunities. At least this is what I was thinking. I am leaving in a new city, 30 years old, in big expansion, with a population around 13 million, close to the sea. I start thinking that there should be thousands of opportunities to go out and take some photos even here. Probably it would not be the most astonishing natural landscape, but certainly city / architectural scape and street photography has to be very interesting.
I am going out for few Sundays already and exploring different areas in the city, most of the time early in the morning when the city is waking up, I have some ideas for new projects and I am planning how to develop them. Time is limited but I am enjoying it again, my geek is back. I am starting to understand what this word really mean. At the end it is just motivation and inspiration pushed at a higher level, a force to driving you to take action and seek for joy on what you are doing.
More and more what is driving me is my passion to do something I like for my personal enjoyment not looking too much about social media result. I will continue to post on some of them but not with the purpose to get high score and a lot of followers, just with the joy of doing it.
I am moving to shoot from exotic places to close to home, in a more modern environment than what it is now in my website but doing anyway what I like most … taking photos. I am excited to start this new path on my photography journey. I am not sure where it will take me yet, but my passion and inspiration are back. This is the most important thing.


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