the art of come back

Today I’d like share what could look like an opposite point of view compare to the last blog, but I feel it is not. In the last blog I was talking about the importance to shoot even if the condition are not the best. I was mainly referring to the situation far from home where the chance to go there again are very slim.


The photo above was taken in a place close to where I am leaving now, it is around 1 hour driving. I had many chances to go there to spend some time with my wife or some good friends. Everytime the camera bag was in the car but not many opportunities to use it. Finally one day most of the elements was at the right place, very clear view, some clouds around and an interesting sunrise light. I took my bag, move to a not too crowd area and wait for the sunset to come. Tripod and GND filter are key equipment in this kind of photo. Someone like to manage the exposure difference between sky and ground / water in post processing, as I do not like spend too much times on it, I try to get the correct exposure right out of the camera. I am not saying that one is better than the other, it is just different. Sometime light condition are too extreme and HDR or luminosity mask are the only condition to get a good exposure for the photo. Normally I try always to get a closer result to the reality.
The situation here in term of location is very favourable, I can go back any time I wish, so my approach was completely different. I had the time working in my side, I can wait till the condition are what I like. I did not have the necessity to shoot at any cost and take back home a result in a short time, I knew that soon or later the condition would be what I was looking for. No rush to take the photo and run away because work is calling back to the office.
I do not like to say this is a more professional approach, it is different mainly because of the chance to come back to the place.
Depending on many factors, the approach on how to take a photo can be much different. At the end the objective is to shoot something I like, make experience and try to improve at any opportunity.


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