Portfolio is live

My website is up and running since few months, in the last couple of weeks I am spending time to change it and share info to the www / blogs world. 
Last week I announced officially its opening. Since then I worked to select some photos and publish them in a separate album so called portfolio.
The purpose is to collect the photos I like most. Saying this I am expecting to have changes on it as my taste will move and having new opportunities to shoot around in the next months / years. It counts now 14 photos and the target is to keep it at 15 or below. The process to select is always the most difficult thing to accomplish, in fact photos always recall to my mind the emotion when I shoot them. The special feeling for me it is linked to many things, the place visited for the first time, some friends met at the place or along the journey sharing the same passion, a particular light for a well know place visited many times, experimenting a new technique or trying some new piece of equipment, the list can go on for a full page. As the time pass this will be less strong but it will never disappear. In these days, while doing the selection, I looked to picture 5+ years old but I can still recall the feeling at the moment. Sorry, not older than that, I cannot call it a looong experience. -:)
All these personal emotions are influencing the selection and it is different than see them with fresh eyes.The emotion is part of my journey too. A second emotion is less personal and it is what all of you can see through the frame. It is different but not for this is less powerful and this is it what the viewer see and make her / him like or love it. 
The portfolio is the main outcome from the journey in the photography and travelling in different places. It is far to be a single project, it is more a summary about what I have the pleasure and the luckiness to see in these years and in what will come.


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