A new adventure begin – journey around the photography

After few years traveling in different part of the world, mostly China and Italy, but not only there, I decided to share my photos with everybody has the same passions and with my friends too. I believe it is the easier and simply way to involve you in my passion.
Love and job convinced me to live in China since 10 years ago, I am having the opportunity to travel and know the country not only for the wonderful economic growth but for many wonderful natural places too.
I cannot forget the country where I born, Italy, and where I am coming back often to visit my relatives and for business reason. I bring always the photo camera with me, most of the time, I visit new or well known locations and improve my photography skills. Sometimes from the intercontinental journey the outcome is an empty card, but I plan something for the future.
The journey start with this short presentation and some future plans, you will discover them in the coming months.
I mostly like to take landscape and people photo, the willingness to discover new places is always part of my life since a child. Growing up the area grow along with me, from the fields spring my home to the mountain in Italy to a continent like Asia.

Here you can see my photos.

Ciao Gianluca


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